CCTV Cameras

We hold expertise in supplying and integrating CCTV Cameras in Pune and all over Maharashtra. Our CCTV Camera is largely preferred in various domestic markets because of its high clarity, compact design and hassle free installation. To ensure customer satisfaction, we check the CCTV Camera from the time of initial procurement till the final delivery.

Biometric Access Control System

  • Our Biometric attendance sysem has following features :
  • Operating modes – Fingerprint+card fingerprint + password + card
  • Transaction capacity of upto 50000 records
  • Storage capacity of 1500 fingerprint templates
  • Access capacity of 10000 cards
  • Scratch proof optical sensor
  • Instant verification and enrolment
  • Multi-user facility

Video Door Phone

We are engaged in introducing clients to Video Door Phones which are highly praised by clients across the country. Our Video Door Phones provides the best and convenient method to monitor the entrances of homes, offices, buildings and so on. The Video Door Phones can be available by the clients at economical rates.


We are amongst the top-notch Wholesale Suppliers & System Integrators of Smoke Detection System Pune and all over Maharashtra. Our Smoke Detection System is widely acclaimed for its innovative design, reliable operation, and long service life. Get in touch with us for obtaining bulk orders within the promised timeframe. Buyers can obtain the Smoke Detection System at reasonable rates from us.


What a smart home / Office  needs?

  • The ideal smart-home gadget would use a wireless transmitter and receiver that required very little power, so that devices could go for months, or even years, without needing a new battery. Its signals would pass through walls and floors inside and outside a home, yet without interfering with other wireless networks.
  • Signals would be encrypted for security reasons, and the user would be able to easily add devices to the network. All devices on the same network would be able to “talk” to each other. Finally, the standard should be able to handle dozens or even hundreds of devices on a single network.
  • ZigBee create  decentralized “mesh” networks in which each device can communicate directly with any other device within range. If two devices are too far apart, their signals can hop along intermediate devices.  Devices can drop in and out of the network without affecting the network’s overall strength. But this network need a “primary” device that serves as a network controller. If the primary device drops out of service, another device can often take over. Interfaces with smartphones or tablets can be handled by hubs, commercially available devices that are often compatible with two or more of these standards, as well as with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.


Apartment/Villa/Officers locks w 5ID Card keys & 2 machincal key (silver)

  • Zink Alloy with Solidity Nature
  • Mechanical Key Supported
  • Free Handle to Prevent External Stress
  • 256 Record of Door Opening
  • Community, Office Entrance Guard
  • Application: Apartment, Parking Lot, Residence

Electric Curtain

  • Torque :1nm/2nm
  • Working/Input voltage :200-240V
  • Ideal loading capacity :1nm bear 30kg,and 2nm bear 50kg
  • Hand pulling 20cm can start the curtain
  • Hand pulling function when power off
  • Inbuilt receiver , wireless control
  • Power :1nm 50w,2nm 80w
  • STRAIGHT Track join length :12m
  • Motor net weight :1.3kg
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